Maine Fall Foliage

The riot of color that occurs in New England as trees make their transition to fall is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking events that nature lovers can experience. People come from around the world to go leaf peeping with the locals, and find themselves entranced by the changing fall foliage.

Whether you are coming here for vacation, preparing to visit your kids in school or are checking out Bowdoin College before enrollment, you’re in for a treat as the mountains in this region become overwhelmed with the vivid yellows and oranges of changing leaves.

New England fall foliage typically peaks from the final week in September through the second week in October, starting in Maine and progressing south. Just before your trip, you’ll want to consult New England foliage reports to get the latest updates from leaf-peeping experts about which regions are starting to show the most vibrant hues in their trees.

Part of the allure of fall foliage hikes is that you know the rich beauty of the leaves is fleeting. You can only experience these vivid hues for a brief period each year. You’ll find that walking around in nature is much more enjoyable than merely viewing the changing trees through your windshield as you drive past in your vehicle.

If you’re interested in covering more ground and would like to get some exercise at the same time, you’ll want to consider taking fall foliage biking tours. Led by expert guides, you’ll get to explore the countryside as you’ve never seen it before.